New Mailing Address Updates.

Office :   
3, 5 & 7, Lorong IKS Juru 5,
Jalan Kebun Baru,
Taman Industri Ringan Juru,
14100 Simpang Ampat, S.P.T
Penang, Malaysia

Factory :                
4, Lorong IKS Juru 3,
Juru Prime Industrial Park,
14100 Simpang Ampat
S.P.T Pulau Pinang.

SOLCOAT offers a complete range of high performance Water Resistant and Dual Cure Direct Emulsions that truly deliver fine detail or halftone printing, durable and trouble-free screens that meet the needs of today's demanding print jobs. Solcoat Screen Chemicals are formulated to maximize the performance of stencils and also compatible to our range of emulsions. We offer a wide choice of ancillary products which cover every aspect of screen printing peripheral equipments or accessories and materials.

As you note that at our webpage, we do not list every product that we carry. The reason is that every printer has their individual needs. Normally we work on case by case basis with our customers to identify products required according to their production demands. Be assured with our commitment to recommend the specific products best suited to them in terms of uncompromising quality, sizes and quantities that make the best price in order to remain competitive in the market.

We welcome any enquiry for further details on our products and look forward to having the opportunity to create a long-term and fruitful business relationship together with you.

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